Sharps & Needle-stick Awareness


The aim of this Awareness course is to provide Managers, supervisors, staff and operatives whose duties include organising or performing tasks for dealing with waste that may contain discarded needles (sharps) and other drug-related waste, or activities where injecting drug users might be present. These include a wide variety of personnel in Councils, Housing Associations, Private Contractors and others.

On completion of the course delegates will:

  • Gain an understanding of why discarded sharps and drug-related waste are becoming such a problem
  • Be made aware of where needles and other items may occur, be hidden or even used to booby trap
  • Learn about some very simple habits to minimise their risks of needle-stick injury
  • Learn about the consequences of needle-stick injury and self-contamination from drug-related waste
  • Learn about a Safer Working System to help minimise risks when dealing with discarded needles
  • Understand the importance of better organisation
  • Realise the importance of avoiding contact with suspect items
  • Become aware of the additional measures needed by those dealing with blood and other body fluids
  • Learn about the measures needed to be taken by those who may come into contact with drug users
  • Understand the importance of personal hygiene and equipment cleansing in relation to drug-related waste
  • Hear about the first aid measure needed for those who suffer needle-stick injury or self-contamination

This course concludes with a 25 question multiple-choice paper exam

Course can be run at any premises nationwide