What is CSCS?

We have all heard of the CSCS On-Screen test and although most people are familiar with CSCS there are many views expressed regarding its purpose and what it means to have a CSCS card. To summarise the official CSCS Website says:

A CSCS card is:

  • A certification of the cardholder’s identity
  • A certification of the cardholder’s qualifications
  • A certification of the cardholder’s training

Holding a CSCS card verifies your identity and shows employers that you have the required training, qualifications and experience for the type of work you carry out on a construction/rail site. Most major contractors in both Construction and Railway Engineering industries, plus many Major homebuilders require workers on their sites to hold a valid CSCS card.


These can be questions that baffle most and our expert team will be glad to assist you in the requirements for all cards from Basic site visitor (YELLOW), Labourer (GREEN) right through to site management (BLACK).

ARC are able to work with all your organisation’s needs. These are some of the things we are able to provide for you:

  • CSCS Testing in our dedicated official test centre.
  • Training at our Head Office in our up-to-date training facility
  • Mobile training at a facility of your choice
  • Transport for your course delegates
  • Health & Safety Qualifications