Working at Height Safety Awareness


The aim of the course is to provide people who work at height with sufficient information to be able to plan and manage the tasks safely. Tasks involving work at height are very common and can also include work below ground where a person could fall a distance liable to cause injury. This course provides a basic awareness of common working at height risks as well as practical ways to prevent falls from height.

On completion of the course delegates should be able to outline:

  • What is meant by working at height
  • Common causes of work at height accidents
  • Risk factors associated with working at height
  • Legal duties of employers to protect workers and other people
  • Work at height risk assessment principles
  • The working at height hierarchy of controls with practical examples
  • Methods and safe use of access and working at height equipment
  • Ladder safety principles
  • A work at height strategy for maintenance work

Who the course is for:
Maintenance, Construction, Facilities workers; workers who use stepladders, ladders, podium steps or mobile platforms as part of their work; anyone who carries out tasks where a fall from height could cause injury.

This course concludes with a 25 question multiple-choice paper exam

Course can be run at any premises nationwide